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Sunbelievable Pre-Book Launch News

Sunbelievable Pre-Book Launch News

Several cartons of books arrived early this week. After almost 3 years in the making, they’re REAL!  Seeing them on my computer screen thousands of times doesn’t come close to holding the finished book in hand, inspecting every detail. Or best of all, sharing them with friends and family. Here’s Frank, my co-illustrator showing it off. We’re all proud, excited, ready for the next phase of bringing the book to life.

So, what are the next steps? While packing up books for awards and reviews, I grabbed every second I could to listen to the “Third Annual Book Marketing Conference Online” presented by D’Vorah Lansky: How timely! Great information about online marketing, Amazon sales, distribution and so much more.  You can pick up some tips from the conference on Facebook:!/BookMarketingMadeEasy?sk=wall

Now, I’m trying to prepare a book launch, incorporating many of the great ideas from the conference. If only I didn’t need any sleep!

Just so happy we’re moving forward on the next leg of the journey. Thanks to Frank and all who made it possible! Oh, and you can find it now on Amazon: Try “search inside the book.” It always works on the MAC, but not always on the PC. One more thing to check out!


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