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Sunbelievable available on Amazon

YAY! Sunbelievable is on Amazon.

Sunbelievable cover page

Maybe the Sun will ride a roller coaster tonight! Is it sunny enough for a bubble bath on the sun porch? Will fireflies be sure not to miss Professor Sun’s shining star class? Need some sunshine magic? Check it out on Fresh off the press today!

Countdown – 2 days


YAY!  More and more exciting things happening with Sunbelievable!

Books ship September 20th!

Sunbelievable Sample Pages

The book is in the print, and I should have books in hand within 2 weeks!


I invite you to preview the book sample pages at

The first 100 hardcover books ordered will be signed by the author and include free shipping!

At you can place your Pre-order. Please used the coupon code YAYALEEN to get the book signed and free shipping.

Sunbelievable is at the printer!

My first post in this blog was Sunbelievable–a Children’s Book about the Sun

On the earlier post, the cover is quite different. This is the new cover, professionally designed. The book is at the printer (YAY!), and I should have books in hand by mid-September!



The book Title

The title came into my head while stopped at a red light near my home.

The late afternoon light was remarkable and I couldn’t help thinking it was truly unbelievable—Sunbelievable!

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