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What they said about Sunbelievable iBook

sun on the roller coaster

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Incredible book, by Karl Rossman

Sunbelievable has it all: beautiful and original illustrations, a funny and charming story, great characters, and an appeal to all audiences, but especially to children.

I’ve read many children’s stories, and this one is definitely one of my favorites ever. It is truly a unique and innovative children’s story. I highly recommend it to all parents and children.

Sunbelievable, by Saulnique

Beautifully written and illustrated. A must have for every child’s library.

Sunbelievable iBook

Sunbelievable iBook available on the iBookstore

Sunbelievable  iBook epub format iPad Jo Ann Kairys

From Jo Ann’s blog:

“We couldn’t ignore the e-book revolution. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but quickly realized the limitations for an image-saturated book on an e-reader. In the fall of 2010, only iBooks for Apple’s iPad offered color illustration capability. Fortunately, expertise to employ the required epub format was close at hand. Drazan Lapic, our webmaster and SEO professional for and, stepped into the fray.

It took about 2 months to create and produce Sunbelievable as an iBook. After experimenting with the epub format, we created a digitally signed version that lays out perfectly on the iPad.

We submitted Sunbelievable to Apple’s iTunes Connect program, and passed Apple’s internal quality inspection procedures in about 2 weeks. It’s quite an accomplishment, considering the 2-year plus process involved in (almost) completing the print version.”

To read her entire article please click here. For more details about the book, sample pages and how to order please visit the book page at The book is available on 6 international iBookstores: AU, CA, FR, DE, UK and USA.

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