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Sunbelievable Children's Book about Sun


Authors – Jo Ann Kairys and Daniel Kairys. M.D.

Jo Ann is the mother of 4 and grandmother to 5 (so far). She has enjoyed a long career in the health care field, most recently as a professional science writer whose articles appear in major medical journals. She and her husband, a pediatrician, taught extensively in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. The illustrations in Sunbelievable are influenced by their travels and the children’s stories and artwork unseen by western eyes for decades. Jo Ann lives and works in New Jersey. She published her first book, Princess Secrets, in 2008.

After a whirlwind childhood in Montana, Vermont, and New Hampshire, Daniel is now a general surgeon in south central Florida. When not wrestling gallbladders and appendixes, he spends time inspiring, teaching and loving his wife and four children. He is deeply committed to improving health care for underserved communities, and was one of the first surgeons to arrive in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Jo Ann Kairys     Daniel Kairys


is illustrated by Jo Ann Kairys and Frank Thompson. The vividly stylized images use digital photo collage techniques, combining photographs and original digital artwork.

Jo Ann’s original photographs of children and landscapes from around the world set the stage for imaginative storytelling. Frank is a talented artist and teacher in New Jersey public schools. With Adobe Photoshop, he creates uniquely enhanced, radiant scenes that glow with energy.


We are grateful to Junia for unwavering support and mommy love. Zillions of thanks to our true storytellers, YaYa and Leen, for posing on demand and sharing with us their fantastic imaginations.

Claudia Marchand, graphic designer, inspired and enhanced every aspect of Sunbelievable. Her commitment, passion and remarkable talents are trulyextraordinary. Claudia lives and works in Massachusetts.

Thanks to NASA’s Robert (Bobby) Braun, an explorer who discovered the mystery of Mars.

We would also like to acknowledge the following individuals for permission to use their graphic artwork and digital design elements:

The “Sunflower Tango” image is © Terri Rosenblum. Terri paints in watercolor and oils and does commissioned paintings and house

The digital sun drawing is © Gina Marie Huff.

Some of the graphics in the illustrations are © Peggy Derensy of NewLife Dreams.

Some of the graphics in the illustrations are © Lorie Davison Poetique Piqutures. Studio Lorie:

Thanks also to Dave Dumas at Pivot Media:

The musical accompaniment to the Firefly Lullaby poem heard was composed and performed by Jeffrey DiLucca with vocals by Shayoni Nag.

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