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Sunbelievable Children's Book about Sun

What they said about Sunbelievable book

sun on the roller coaster

Why Sunbelievable Delights Children of all Ages

by David Broughton, Contributor to the Stories for Children Book Review, Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review, and American Chronicle Book Reviews.

The illustrations in Sunbelievable use digital photo collage to create a world full of vibrant color, bridging real-life images with an imaginative landscape full of wonder. Children love exploring the images for unexpected details that make the story alive.

The artwork is truly exceptional, a brilliant melding of art and photography. Each illustration projects an almost three-dimensional quality. The writing tells the story boldly through the imagination of two curious children, while the real message of the book—recognizing diversity in the world around us – is quite subtle. Printing is done in the USA by a company that makes sure it’s child safe and lead free. As a professional book reviewer, I see hundreds of children’s books a month; most I cannot in good conscience recommend on any level, but Sunbelievable surpasses all my benchmarks of a great children’s book.


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