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Sunbelievable Children's Book about Sun

Robert D. Braun, Ph.D., NASA Chief Technologist

sun on the roller coaster

What they said about Sunbelievable book

by Robert D. Braun, Ph.D., NASA Chief Technologist

“The Sun in the book Sunbelievable is a magical sun in a fictional story. Our Sun is actually a star, a yellow dwarf star. It is over four and a half billion years old. Our Sun looks small because it is 93 million miles away from Earth.

The Sun gives light and heat to Earth. The temperature of the Sun is nearly ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Think about how hot it feels in the summertime when the temperature outside is 80 degrees Fahrenheit! All life on Earth needs the Sun to live and grow, and we need just the right amount.

Each day the Earth rotates once on its axis. Just like a spinning top, the Earth spins around to face the Sun every day. This makes the Sun appear to rise up above the eastern sky in the morning and sink below the western horizon at the end of the day.

The Earth revolves around the Sun once a year in its orbit. As it circles the Sun, it tilts toward and away from the Sun’s rays. This is how we experience our changing seasons. It tilts away from the Sun to give us fall and winter, and tilts toward the Sun to warm us in spring and summer.

Because of the Sun’s importance to life on Earth, scientists have tried to better understand it through space travel. NASA is planning a daring mission named Solar Probe Plus that will get closer to the Sun than any previous mission. You can learn more about science missions like this and about our solar system by visiting the Web site”

Robert D. Braun, Ph.D., NASA Chief Technologist. (To read more about Robert click here)

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